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2021 Q1
A team of two developers began to make a new project called "Poly Crypter". This is an ambitious project that has proven itself in quality and cost. 
2021 Q2
More than 1 thousand rubles were invested in the project. 
2021 Q3
An API system was implemented. The ability to automate the crypting process has been added. Many teams started to use the crypter.
2022 Q1

PolyCrypter Advanced API

PolyCrypter Stub updater

We are here

Completely change the concept of the project

2022 Q2

PolyCrypter bot update

PolyCrypter Premium


2022 Q3


PolyFile Uploader

2022 Q4

Integrating MATIC into our projects


Soon.. & Soon..


PolyProducts is an innovative project. The development of our products began in 2021, by a secret community of developers. The goal of our development is to create premium black and white software.
You can see the timeline of our project by clicking on the tab "Timeline". We have described the most innovative ideas from our project.

All products created by the secret community of developers.